ABOUT US: management, quality assurance, Safety

What we do


Working with many different architectural firms, Gardner Electric assist clients from concept to final design and then on to completion of the project, while maintaining the clients budget and schedule.


Gardner Electric has always been known for its versatility in handling a wide range of projects. Our blend of specialized skills and experience have allowed us to build some of the most challenging construction projects in Atlantic Canada. All projects are coordinated and managed by a specialized team through a budgeting, pricing, preplanning, procurement and daily scheduling, productivity and cost reporting system.

Our project management personnel are Gold Seal Certified. This designation is required to demonstrate our commitment to client satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Another key aspect of our growth as a company is our quality assurance policy. Comprehensive planning at each phase of construction, from detailed screening of supplies through to completion has allowed us to achieve high standards of quality. We take the time needed to do the job right and ensure that each of our projects is built to the highest standards of quality.

Gardner Electric is committed to a quality installation and this is supported with an inspection and test plan designed to meet the requirements of each client on a project-to-project basis. Our quality assurance program is based on the guidelines as set out in CSA Z 299 standards.


Both field personnel and management have committed to Gardner Electric's registered safety program. All field staff and workers are trained and monitored on safety policy and job site adherence. We use regular on-site tool box meetings, and safety officer reporting, to assist in ensuring that all precautions are taken to provide a safe work environment. Gardner's Substance Abuse policy has been prepared to assist our workers and promote safe conditions for all workers on a project site.